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My name is Chris Evans a 36 year old  self taught photographer from a small fishing town in the North of England, Whitby… this has so many quirky places to photo and also the prominent Abbey is a huge favourite of many a viewer on my page, as well as the harbour and also hidden spots and the cliff and beach areas.

I live with my partner and son and started doing photography as a hobby a few years ago, it was not till then I realised I had a real passion for it and then upgraded to better equipment and started publishing my work on social media.

My passion is landscape photography as you never know what you will see as this changes day to day and weather and sky can truly make the perfect image, so there is a lot of excitement in the not knowing what you will capture for me, I love the more natural look and prefer to capture as it is rather than over enhance and have captured some amazing images from this approach.


My social media following started off small , but soon picked up and then I was approached for events such as weddings and Christenings and portraits so I also started doing those and find it easy to get on with people and love working with them , children make amazing subjects and stunning innocent images at events, plus you get the chance to try new ideas and shots and people love a bit of photography fun and something from the norm at times that stands out from the crowd.

I have also had many asking to buy my work now so have started a huge following online and posted all over the world even as far as Australia, a large amount of my followers are actually not from my area and are dotted all over the world which I take as a huge complment.


Charity work is another of my attributes and have done a lot for local and also online by donating canvas and prints, I like to give back to the community in any way I can and feel it is important to support people as they support me as without them would be no business .


I currently use a Nikon Camera and for me this is the best brand , I find it fits my needs and quality wise am very happy with it , I am also looking to expand to a higher quality camera in the future but for now this serves it’s means and I have  hundreds of happy people who have purchased from me and hope to continue doing so and grow and grow as would love to improve even more.I find my rates are very competitive to some and I do not over charge as to me it is a pleasure taking the images so why charge a fortune as want my customers to enjoy my artwork, I currently have Canvas on display  to purchase at the Metropole Hotel on the North  Promenade at Whitby and am always on the lookout for new opportunities in this line.

I love meeting my customers and made some amazing friends from them, I find the personal approach is fantastic and like to get  to know people and their likes and dislikes so am always happy to take on board suggestions and positive or negative comments to help my business grow.


I thoroughly enjoy my work as a professional photographer and no job is to big or small am one that is happy to have a go at anything and love a challenge.


Looking forward to engaging with more of you via my new web page and thank you to all customers old and new for your continued support you are all amazing, here’s to 2018 and hopefully upwards in my passion for photography

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